06 June 2012

Excel Reports Used For Outlook Tasks Analysis

The documentation for the new Outlook add-on for Task management is coming together, and today I can show the first video demonstration ‒ the Excel reports on Outlook Tasks.

Task management in Outlook
Kanban Task Manager logotype
Kanban Task Manager visualizes Outlook Tasks and shows what Project and Phase each Task belong to and who is responsible for it. As soon as something is updated in one of the work group computers, the other team members can also see it in theirs. If you use the SharePoint option for sharing and storage, the team members may even be in different parts of the world!

Task management data
You can however get much more information out of Kanban Task Manager than seeing what Tasks people are working with and what Phase of each Project the Tasks belong to. Kanban Task Manager has an application for reporting and statistics, and by using it managers and administrators will get a lot of information about the Outlook Tasks their staff are working with. That way they can remove blockers and make sure the work is efficient.

Excel Reports
Excel icon
The Task management Excel Reports are very easy to use. The application gives seven predefined reports that show what most managers need to know, like the status of the Outlook Tasks and the time spent on them. All seven reports are shown in a table version as well as a graph version. You may use all the inbuilt features of Excel with the Kanban Task Manager reports, so you can both add more parameters to the reports and make them look nice with the Excel design options.

In the demo below Peter Kalmstrom. CEO of Business Solutions, shows the different Excel reports that can be used for Task management and gives suggestions on how to add more information to them. Welcome to have a look. And if you have not done it already, welcome to learn how your project work flows can be improved by using Outlook Tasks and Kanban Task Manager!

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