02 May 2012

Spanish Easter Traditions Interesting To Blog Readers

The most read April post of the Blog had actually nothing to do with the Office applications or even our area of business – it was my Easter greeting with images from Spain.

No change of direction

I am happy to reach new readers, but this will not make me change the style of the Blog. It will continue being about the products and team members and about news in the IT business – with occasional articles on other subjects.

Unicode support
OLAP Reporting Tool logotypeMy articles are often visited for a long time after publication. A post from 2009 about the Unicode support of OLAP Reporting Tool is still read long after all the products have been given the same support of Unicode! I am not sure how to interpret that, but I know there is a great interest generally in the
statistics tool. Tips
Also blog posts about the Tips from our CEO, Peter Kalmstrom, are popular. This month we published another one: How to manage live SharePoint data in Microsoft Access. By using Access you will get enhanced functionality while still working with live data. Everything you do in Access is reflected back to the SharePoint site.

Kanban Task Manager

Once again I can see that blog readers are interested in the new project, Kanban Task Manager for Outlook. The development work is almost finished now, and the application will be sent to the sponsor next week for comments. I hope soon to show some more of it here also.
Kanban Task Manager in Outlook

Office 365 limit
When sending out the latest newsletter Peter discovered a limitation in the Office 365 mail sending that had been unknown to us. Apparently it was unknown to others too, because my blog post about that discovery had many readers in April.

Norwegian manifestation for multiculturalism

By the end of the month I wrote a much noticed article about the singing protest against the ideas of the mass-murderer who hit Norway last year and is on trial now. The blog post was published only hours after the Oslo manifestation was held, and later I heard that there were similar events on many other places in Norway and also in Iceland. I was very moved by this demonstration and I am glad that so many are interested to read about it.

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