02 April 2012

Use Outlook Meeting Requests For Time Tracking

TimeCard logotype With TimeCard for Outlook regular Outlook calendar appointments are tagged with time reporting data and used as time cards. Thanks to a sponsorship this data will now be automatically filled out when users accept a meeting request.

Select time reporting data from dropdowns
When you have TimeCard installed and you open an appointment in Outlook, it has dropdowns where you can select Customer and Task – or whatever values you wish to report on.

Categories in the settings help you to get more background information for the statistics, but you don’t have to bother with them in each appointment. Also the time reporting is done inside Outlook, and there are no double entries.   
Outlook calendar appointment with TimeCard   
Meeting requests with time reporting data
If one TimeCard user tags an appointment with TimeCard data and then sends a meeting request, the TimeCard values are not transferred to the calendar of the person who is invited. In the next version, though, we will add a possibility to handle meetings in an even smoother way than before.

When the new feature is enabled and a meeting request is sent to another TimeCard user, the TimeCard data from the invitation will be added automatically for the invited person when the meeting is accepted. Say Yes to a meeting, and you will at once have it ready for the time report!

Sponsorship speeds up development
The organizations who subscribe to the applications – we call them Members of the Community - are often very dedicated and interested in helping us improve the products. We get a lot of good suggestions, and when a Community Member is prepared to pay part of the development costs for a feature we want to add we usually make it a priority.

In this case we are grateful to Premium Member Hay Group, who sponsors this latest enhancement of TimeCard for Outlook.

Release by the end of April
Premium Members of the Community get their own copy of the product they use, a copy that has the Member organization logotype and does not need to be registered. will give Hay Group the updated version of their TimeCard copy in the beginning of April, and it should take less than a month to update the other Premium Member TimeCard copies and also create a new version of the standard product. I will come back with another blog post about TimeCard for Outlook when all TimeCard users and evaluators can try the meeting request feature.

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