26 April 2012

Norway In A Singing Protest Against Fascism

In July last year Norway was hit by a terrible deed when a right wing terrorist who wanted to hurt the Norwegian Labour Party killed 77 people, most of them young. I wrote shocked blog post about the murders in Norway right after they had happened.

Rainbox imageNow the terrorist is on trial, and he has explained that the murders were "necessary" to stop what he saw as brainwashing of the Norwegian people performed by the Labour Party. He hates the idea of a multicultural society, and as an example on the “brainwashing methods” he mentioned a popular children’s song, a translation of Pete Seeger’s My rainbow race. This song says that no race is superior and we should all share the resources of the earth.

Many Norwegians were upset, and someone wrote a post on Facebook and urged people to go to a square near the court at noon today, to sing the song together. The call was heard, and around 40 000 people gathered! That is a lot for a town of a million inhabitants on short notice and on a rainy weekday. This is only one of the many examples on how the attack has united the Norwegian people, and I say: Bravo Norway!

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