21 April 2012

Manage Live SharePoint Data In Microsoft Access

A SharePoint site is a very useful platform, but SharePoint cannot handle everything we might want to do with our data. The Microsoft developers have realized that and made it possible to use the SharePoint data with some of their other programs. When you utilize these possibilities you get nearly endless opportunities to work with your SharePoint list items. Here you can learn how to use live SharePoint data in Access.

Access gives extra functionality

When you link data from a SharePoint list to a table in Microsoft Access, you can do much more with your data than you can if you only use SharePoint. This is what Peter shows in the demo:
  • How to Search and Replace
  • How to make Queries  
  • How to show the list data in Forms  
  • How to make printable Reports from the list data  
  • How to use Visual Basic with data from a SharePoint list

Power use of SharePoint and Access

In the demo below you will meet Peter Kalmstrom, CEO of Business Solutions and creator of our Office applications. He says that having Access in the toolbox is nearly a must for power users of SharePoint, and he should know that. Peter is himself a power user of both Microsoft products.

Since more than ten years Access has been one of the database alternatives for sharing and storage of  data in the applications, besides SQL Server, and in recent years we have added SharePoint to the options. We also have a product that converts incoming Outlook e-mails into SharePoint list items, HelpDesk OSP.

Microsoft certified SharePoint specialist
Peter has earned all the available Microsoft certifications for SharePoint 2010, and he is also a certified Trainer on SharePoint 2010. He has shared his deep knowledge in several earlier Tips, and now he offers you one more tutorial video demonstration.  
Microsoft Certified Professional logotype

Link SharePoint list items to Access The actual linking of the SharePoint data to the Access table is handled elegantly by the two products - you don't have to do anything more than pressing the right button.

Peter shows how to link from the SharePoint list datasheet view to Access. Another possibility is to link from an Access table to SharePoint, which is shown in the Tips page about linking live SharePoint list items to Access

Welcome to have a look! I hope you will find the demo useful.

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