06 March 2012

Who Reads The Blog?

Last week I looked at the statistics for most read blog posts in February, but it is also interesting to see who those readers are. A study of the figures show some expected result but also some nice surprises.

English speaking countries
Calendar Browser iconVisitors from United States and Great Britain dominate among the blog readers every month. This is to be expected, as the blog is written in English and the products are popular in these countries. Of course many users want to keep up with the events of Business Solutions.

India and China
HelpDesk OSP iconTo our delight we also see that the Blog has many readers in India and China. Both countries are in rapid development, and we are happy to be on the scene in India. We hope to soon have a partner in China also, to take advantage of this huge market and the evident interest in the Business Solutions software there.

PF HelpDesk iconAfter USA, UK, India and China comes a group of countries with approximately the same number of Blog visitors. Here we find for example Sweden and Germany, both with many Members of Community. Russia and Ukraine are also included here.

Mac users
TimeCard iconThe Blog statistics also show the visitors’ operating system, and since builds applications for Microsoft Office I was first surprised when I saw that 20 % of the February readers use Macintosh instead. Then I realized that many of them probably use Office for Windows in a virtual machine inside their Mac.

I read an interesting article in Business Insider about this use of Microsoft Office, where Matt Rosoff suggests that Microsoft should build first-class native versions of Office for all popular platforms. We have no objections to that!

Smart phones
KBase iconThe Blog looks nice in a smart phone also, but only a few percent read the blog on their mobiles. I assume this figure will rise in the future, but not that much. I still think most will prefer to read the articles on a computer, even if my aim is to make them so interesting that you want to read them as soon as you get a chance ;)

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