14 March 2012

Enhanced Auto-Emails In New Folder HelpDesk For Outlook

The issue tracking add-on for Outlook has the capacity to send out a number of automatic e-mails. The upcoming version 12 will have nicer default templates, and it will also be easier to customize them.

Run the helpdesk in any Outlook folder
Folder HelpDesk logoWe plan to release the new version of the Outlook helpdesk in about two months. Just like before it will work completely inside Outlook, and to emphasize that it might be installed in any Outlook folder we have decided to rename it. From version 12 the current Public Folder HelpDesk will be called Folder HelpDesk.

Enhanced default templates
Folder HelpDesk will not have the same default templates for automatic e-mails as earlier versions. If you have used or tried PF HelpDesk you know that the templates could have a nicer look. Our thought earlier was just to give a simple structure for the users to customize, but from version 12 all the default templates have a more elegant design from the beginning. I hope you like the template below, for the automatic e-mail to the caller when a ticket is closed.
Folder HelpDesk template
HTML Editor for customizations
To make customizations of the templates easier, Folder HelpDesk has an HTML Editor under the Templates tab in the Settings, where all the different templates are gathered. You don’t even have to know HTML code to make changes in them. The Editor is of the type WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get – so you can change the text as you like in the editor, and the HTML code will be changed accordingly.

New checkbox for sending
Folder HelpDesk has a checkbox where you can enable/disable each automatic e-mail. When you wish to use the default text for the caller e-mail when a ticket is closed, just check the box at that template and an e-mail with the correct info will be sent to the correct caller each time a Folder HelpDesk ticket is closed. If you want to change the template, just do that first and then check the box for sending.
Folder HelpDesk settings

Many new features
The new templates and the HTML editor are only two of the many new enhancements in Folder HelpDesk. As this is one of the most popular applications many are waiting for the new version. When your organization is a Member of the Community you may upgrade for free. The only thing we request from you is some patience until the release!

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