29 February 2012

Consumer Preview of Windows 8 released

Microsoft has chosen to call it Consumer Preview instead of Beta, but it was promised to the end of February and it came on the very last, extra day. We recognize the problem – there is always something more you want to improve! compatibility
When the developer preview was released in September the Office applications were tested and found to support the new operating system well. Now when we have access to a more developed version of Windows 8 we will of course test again and make our outmost to not only support Windows 8 but also to take advantage of the new features to enhance the products.

I have written about Windows 8 in earlier blogs, about the technicians' first reactions to the developer release and about the new market the Store integrated in Windows 8 will give us. Therefore I will now mention a few other things rather than the Metro, the Windows Store and the touch screen. Finally I will give you a treat – a photo of a young and rather unknown Bill Gates.
Win 8 screen
Start fresh
All who once have been forced to reinstall an operating system know that it is a tedious process. With Windows 8 that is history. The new operating system gives the option of going back to a fresh installation of Windows without losing personal files or settings or applications installed from the Windows Store. I am not yet sure how it is with other non-Microsoft programs, that do not come from Windows Store, but it is still a good improvement.

With Windows 8 Microsoft introduces what they call “charms”. These are small and easily reached icons indented for quick navigation to features you use often, like Search, Share – which will be easier with Windows 8 – Devices – for example to stream video to a TV, or send files to another device – or Settings. IE 10 Internet Explorer 10
With Windows 8 comes Internet Explorer 10, which is said to be the fastest browser of all. I hope it will be better than IE9, which I and many others have found lacking and which I do not find as fast as Google Chrome.

Easy moving between PCs if you use the cloud
It is possible to connect cloud services like Hotmail, SkyDrive, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to the Microsoft account, and if photos are stored on SkyDrive, Facebook or Flickr you can reach them immediately when you open a PC with Windows 8. This makes it easier to use several PCs and still have all you need at hand.

Windows 1
A long way since Windows 1
Windows has come a long way since the first MS- Windows version, presented in 1983 by a happy Bill Gates in the news clip above. The photo comes from Business Insider, and at that time even the tech section of a business paper had to introduce Microsoft as “a leading producer of microcomputing software”.

Behind Windows 8 we find another genius, Steven Sinofsky, who will probably be Microsoft's next CEO. For a full overview of Windows 8 I recommend Microsoft’s own presentation in the Windows Blog.

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