03 January 2012

Keep up with on Google+

To give everyone interested a possibility to keep up with the events of Business Solutions we offer several alternatives to follow us. Now we have added a Google+ page also.

Increasingly popular
According to Business Insider SAI Google+ gets more than 600 000 new users each day and has around 62 million registered users. Therefore it is of course important for to give Google+ users an easy way to see what happens in our company.

The Blog is the base
I blog several times a week, and I always mention product updates, new development projects and other that is directly connected to I also comment on important news in our business and how they affect our company.

Apart from these obvious subjects I like to tell about local customs, traditions and holidays in both Sweden and India ‒ in the latter case with the help of the team members in Indore, of course. And sometimes I just I want to share something that makes me happy or angry. I hope this mix makes the Blog varying and interesting to read. It is at least fun for me to write it! Square LogoLinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
the software. has been represented in social media for around a year, but we have been more active during the autumn. On Facebook and Twitter we use company pages, but on LinkedIn we guide most business contacts to CEO Peter’s account even if we have a company page also.

‒ and now Google+
On Google+ we also use a company page, and of the medias mentioned above we find it most similar to Facebook. It will be interesting to see how this page develops.

Social media tracking
If you choose to follow Business Solution through one or more social media, you will get links to all blog posts. You will also get shorter comments, links to articles and other tidbits that are too short for a blog. However, you will have to click the blog links to read the whole articles and see the images.
Website sharing icons
In line with this elevated activity in social media we have added Like and Share icons similar those here in the blog to some of our web pages. Please, select the icon you prefer and help us spread the word about the software!

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