29 December 2011

Evening Enjoyments For The Team

Peter’s and Siret's week with the team in Indore has nearly come to an end. I have earlier told you about their excursion to Mandu and their work and studies during the other days. This article will be about the evenings. cooking
Indian cooking
The Sales and Relations Officer loves to cook, so she was delighted when she was invited to the home of Lead Developer Jayant and Developer Vijayant, and she was allowed to take part in the dinner preparations. Here is Siret's story: cooking3 "Last night I was given a cooking lesson with an Indian Mama in her kitchen. Is there anything more awesome? We started with a curry, and the next step was making wheat bread and corn bread. From a dough of flour, water and just a pinch of salt we rolled little balls which were
flattened and fried on upside turned pans. Then just a quick turn in the open flame to give it color and that’s it! cooking2 Mrs. Rimza had already stuffed okra with dried mango and chili paste, so all we had to do was to fry them in oil. Masala Chicken was to be the last recipe. The food was fragrant, colorful and beyond tasty! I have bought with me all the necessary spices, and now I am looking forward to returning to my own kitchen to try things out.
I am so grateful to Jayant's and Vijayant's mother and to Jayant's wife for opening their kitchen to me!" cooking4

Going to the movies
One evening the whole group went to see Mission Impossible 4. It was a good movie to see with the team, because half of it was filmed in nearby Mumbai and the bad guy was Swedish! (The company owners, Peter, Sigge and I, are Swedish too.)

Fast food was served in the movie theatre, and Siret had a three year old eating a big hamburger right above her! She got her share of it, but apart from that she said it was all fun.

Farewell dinner
The last evening Peter took Siret and the Indore team members to a dinner. They went to a newly opened restaurant and were very well taken care of by the staff there. farewell dinner
This visit to Indore has been a wonderful experience to Peter and Siret, and they have been fantastically well received by the Indore team members. But it has also been very intense, so now they will take a short vacation to rest before they return to the Swedish winter.


  1., I like the food!

  2. Indeed, it was lovely and I am very much looking forward to another trip to India.