22 November 2011

Use Excel To Calculate Your Holiday Costs

The CEO is a Microsoft Certified Expert on Excel 2010 so he has a lot of knowledge to share. If you just know the tricks, you can use Excel to simplify many different kinds of analyzing and calculating tasks. You may also show the results in illustrative graphs and tables.

Demo on cost calculation with Excel
The video above was published in the Tips section of yesterday. Here Peter shows how to use Excel to analyze the costs for a holiday trip. Even if you are not planning a journey right now I recommend you to  have a look at the demo if you want to learn more about Excel 2010. When calculating the costs and changing the parameters Peter shows many things that you might find useful also when you work with other tasks in Excel.

Excel tips and tricks
While creating the holiday calculator Peter teaches us how to copy formatting and currency, name cells to use them in formulas,  format text as tables, add Total rows  and create a formula for calculating costs. He also shows how to lock certain cells in a table and leave others open for changes that will affect the totals.

BI tool for data exploration
If you need a tool for more advanced analyzes, I suggest that you take a look at the OLAP Reporting Tool. This application is integrated in most of the products, but it is also used separately by many customers to facilitate business intelligence.  Peter has of course also made a series of video demonstrations on how OLAP Reporting Tool helps management study and draw conclusions from data. You are welcome to have a look!

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