20 October 2011

Work For The Future When CEO Goes To India

Indian mapNow it is decided and the journey is booked!

22 December kalmstrom. com CEO Peter will go to India and meet our employees in Indore. On the way there he will also make a stop in Delhi to see Gundeep Sachdev, head of the partner TimeRewards.

Last time Peter went to India it was for a wedding in November 2010. Lead Developer Jayant Rimza got married, and the celebrations and festivities were a great experience for Peter. This time will be different ‒ all work and education!

Since last year we have employed several young, talented technicians, and now Peter will take the opportunity do teach them the latest specialties needed for development of the Office and SharePoint applications.

Siret Toots will go with Peter to India, and while Peter and the developers are studying she will go around looking at offices. She has already begun preparing this with photos, floor plans and maps, to select the ones that are most interesting to We hope to find a really good new office for our growing team, a place that has room for some more people also!

There will of course be time for getting together in a more relaxed way too, and both Siret and Peter are looking forward to meeting the Indian staff "live" and getting to know them better.

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