24 July 2011

PF HelpDesk V11.3 Released

Late Friday night we could release version 11.3 of Public Folder HelpDesk, the incident management tool for Outlook, and during the weekend the updated documentation has been published too. In my blog post of 21 July I told you about the support for Office 365 and the removal of the folder homepage, and I also mentioned some other improvements that will make PF HelpDesk even better for new and current users.

Another enhancement for evaluators is that the PF HelpDesk Example data is no longer dependent on the Office Web Components. The OWC have been very convenient and we have used them in our products for a long time, but since they are not installed automatically with Outlook 2007 and 2010 we want to gradually transfer to other techniques. Even if the Outlook 2003 OWC works fine with later Outlook versions also, it means extra trouble to download and install them if you don't already have them on your PC. In the new version OWC is still needed for the Settings and Statistics, but we will change that too eventually. For just working with the tickets there is no need for OWC.

If you are using PF HelpDesk and your organization has joined Community, you are welcome to upgrade your installation. You may see all the changes on the PF HelpDesk Revisions page.

Have you not tried PF HelpDesk yet? Welcome to download the application and test it for free. It can be installed in any Outlook folder ‒ public, shared or private.

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