20 June 2011

Praise For HelpDesk OSP In New Testimonial

A few days ago a Community Member from the U.S. made the whole team happy by sending us a good testimonial on HelpDesk OSP. As you might have seen we placed some testimonials on the home page when we redesigned it. We plan to circulate snippets from testimonials on the home page, and now we replaced a Calendar Browser testimonial with excerpts from this new one. If you use one of our products, maybe you also want to share your experience of it?

Heather White, Prospect Development, UC Berkeley, first tells what our product has meant for her team: "Helpdesk OSP has been an incredible help to my team in our business process. It saved our unit several thousand dollars over competitor products and allowed us to leverage tools we already own, eliminating the need for additional training."

We also appreciate that Heather writes about how they make use of Helpdesk OSP. This is often the most interesting part of a testimonial for those who are new to the product. "Our team can now share information on our SharePoint site with just one click. We use Helpdesk OSP to initiate and track data and service requests from the schools we serve, making a complex process much more simple and transparent.”

Welcome to read more testimonials ‒ and of course to send us your own!

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