22 June 2011

Connect Office 365 To Cloud-Based HelpDesk From

In the blog post from 6 June, " Goes Cloudy", I mentioned that we have started developing a totally cloud-based version of HelpDesk OSP, the add-on that connects Outlook to SharePoint. The new version will be called HelpDesk OSP Azure, and  today I can tell you more about it.

HelpDesk OSP Azure will run on Windows Azure and convert e-mails received in Exchange 2010, in-house or online (Office 365), into list items on a SharePoint site. This conversion will be automatic and happen 24/7 with a minimum of configuration. Just like with HelpDesk OSP it will be possible to decide in what way the e-mails should be converted ino tickets, and you can of course use your custom SharePoint list fields also.

You will access HelpDesk OSP Azure directly via the web, and above you can see the user interface for the login page. On the HelpDesk OSP Plans page, Peter explains in an animation how HelpDesk OSP Azure will work. Welcome to have a look into the future!


  1. I didn't know that you can actually connect your office to that sharepoint. I should really try it sometime. Thanks for sharing.

    virtual office

  2. Yes you can, Karl. But you need our Outlook add-on, HelpDesk OSP, of course.

  3. I have to agree with Karl, I'll definitely try this out. Thanks.