02 May 2011

New Headquarters On Legendary Island

Kalmstrom Enterprises AB, the company behind the brand Business Solutions, has moved its headquarters to an island in the Baltic sea. Öland is situated near the south eastern coast of Sweden.

Even if it is an island it is no tax paradise ‒ quite the contrary, since the local tax is rather high ‒ but it is a paradise when it comes to nature. The southern part is a UNESCO World Heritage, and many other areas are also protected in various ways.

Öland is also famous for the many historical monuments, and on the image above you can see the biggest one, the castle ruin of Borgholm. It is named after the small town you can see behind it. The royal family of Sweden has its summer residence, Solliden, by the sea not far from the ruin ‒ and Sigge and I live in the upper right corner of the image :-)

Borgholm is a good town for a business, because the authorities are eager to attract new companies to the area. A significant part of the population works in the tourist industry, but the internet has given new possibilities to live and work on the island.

The leaders of Borgholm want to take advantage of that and persuade more people to move to the island. Sigge and I did just that, and now we look forward to continue our work in an environment that is both stimulating and healthy.


  1. That looks like an ideal place to start run a business! Since is online, you have the advantage of choosing where to place your headquarters. Very beautiful.

  2. Thanks! Yes, we try to take advantage of the freedom internet gives us. You should try visiting Öland sometimes - but not in the wintertime. Then it is too cold.