27 April 2011

Nokia Fires 4000 But Microsoft Partnership Gives Hope For Better Times

As Swedes we have followed the rise of the Finnish communications corporation Nokia. The company has existed in our neighboring country since 1865, but it was not until the 1980s it became well know to all of us. That was the time for the first mobile telephones, and Nokia was a fierce competitor to Swedish Ericsson. Eventually Ericsson grew strong on providing telecommunication and data communication systems while Nokia developed into the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones.

During the last year Apple and their iPhone has taken a considerable part of the mobile market, and today we heard that 4000 employees have been dismissed from Nokia because of that. Further 3000 will go to another employer when Nokia leaves its operating system Symbian.

We feel sorry for the people who loose their jobs, but we don't think the downgoing trend will continue. In February Microsoft and Nokia announced their partnership, and now Nokia really can take up the fight with Apple. Nokia will use the Microsoft operating system Windows Phone as platform for advanced smart phones, and I am sure this competition will be good for the whole market. Both parties will try to exceed each other, and hopefully we will all benefit from their rivalry.

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