09 March 2011

Website Update For

The redesign of the website continues. After the latest update in January I was still not satisfied with neither background nor header, but now we have our own designer so I could easily get help.

Jitendra made some suggestions after my ideas, and we presented them to the rest of the team and also to some other selected people. I wanted to keep a dark background, but many in the group preferred something light. Some wanted grey, some blue and others white.

"Too dark, I get a headache!". "Too light, the actual content does not stand out." "Too dominating, the content disappears." "Boring!" The comments were many and pointed in different directions. I wanted a design that suits all but still looks interesting.

After many rounds of suggestions and discussions all could finally agree on a design which is not boring and not give headaches either. I have now implemented it and feel very satisfied. You can see some suggestions above, but welcome to the website to see the winning one. I hope you agree with me that it is good!

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