24 March 2011

ShareTask - Manage Your SharePoint Task List While On The Run

ShareTask items in iPhone

In earlier blogs I have told you about about the re-design of HelpDesk OSP, the application that connects SharePoint to Outlook. Today I can present the first image of ShareTask, another great product for SharePoint users. ShareTask connects SharePoint to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, so with this app in the smart phone you can work with your SharePoint Tasks while travelling, waiting for the dentist, seeing a boring TV show ‒ you name it.

ShareTask will work with all kinds of SharePoint lists. With ShareTask you may add, edit and delete SharePoint list items directly in your iOS device. You may change item status, add new comments and upload images from the camera or gallery to SharePoint.

HelpDesk OSP users will of course find ShareTask very convenient, but this app is an independent product. It does not require anything more than iOS, SharePoint and an internet connection. We hope many will discover and use this ingenious little app, which gives users an advantage that we so far not have seen on the market.


  1. Many thanks to you for sharing this information.You explained every point very well.
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  2. I am glad to hear that you liked it! I will come back with a new blog post about ShareTask when the app is released.

  3. Anonymous21 June, 2013

    Did you ever release this app? I cannot find it in the app store. Thanks

  4. Yes, we did, and it was on the market for a while. It did not sell as expected, though, so we decided to withdraw it instead of updating for next version of iOS.

    Maybe we published this app too early, when there were not enough SharePoint users? Now SharePoint is growing in popularity, and our other SharePoint products are going well, so we will probably make another try with ShareTask later.