08 February 2011

The Importance Of Design - Which Application?

HelpDesk OSP design suggestion image
Design is a matter of great importance that we feel we have neglected too long. A good design is not only nice to look at. Above all we need design skills to enhance the function of our products and make them easier to understand and work with. Now has found a good graphic artist who wants to work with our products. I will tell you more about Jitendra later, but today I will show you the figure above, that will be used for one of our products. Guess which one?

If you know our software and look not only at the distributed figures but also at the icon in the middle, you will probably find the answer: HelpDesk OSP,  the software that connects Outlook and SharePoint/Office Live. I think the figure is a striking symbol for co-operation on support questions that reach the organization via Outlook and are handled by people that might be spread all over the world ‒ like the team!

HelpDesk OSP may of course be used for anything you wish to publish to a SharePoint site via Outlook, like job applications, internal messages or suggestions on different topics. However, most of our Community Members acquire the application to handle their support cases in a more efficient way, even if they later make use of it for other things also.

Welcome to the HelpDesk OSP Plans page if you wish to see the screen where the figure above is used and learn more about what will happen to this issue tracking product in the future. We look forward to making it even better!

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