30 December 2010 Wishes A Peaceful and Prosperous New Year! Business Solutions goes to a higher level
The year is coming to its end, and I look back to what I wrote when 2010 was new. I talked about the release of PF HelpDesk V11, about our big hopes for Community and about Outlook 2010, which I then tested in a Beta version. It feels so long ago!

PF HelpDesk V11
is now in common use and we even have version 11.1. It works well - which does not mean that we don't have a lot of plans for enhancements! The most important one is the addition of the SQL Azure database alternative, which will come in the beginning of 2011.

Many old and new customers have shown us the confidence of joining Community, and that has given not only the Members but also the team a new security. It means that we can take to a higher level, a work which has already begun and which inspired me when I chose the image for this blog post.

Update to support of Office 2010 went smoothly for all products but our resource booking tool Calendar Browser. We had hoped for a release of version 7 in December, but unfortunately we did not manage that. It will come after the holidays in the beginning of January instead, and for many of you maybe that does not make a big difference.

During 2011 we hope to engage more employees and also extend our partner cooperation, all to improve the current products and to develop new ones. For the new applications we will especially plan for use with iPhone and other smart phones.

The team thank all Community Members for a good relationship during 2010. We are grateful that you help us meet the coming year with confidence and high expectations. Let us hope for a peaceful development in the world and for the same good spirit among it's leaders as we have in the team and Community.

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