16 December 2010 Gives Support To Evaluators Community icon
"We would like to use your product, but I have a problem with the configuration. Can you help me?"

In spite of our efforts to make the applications easy to set up, this question from an evaluator is not unusual. The answer is YES. The team gives support not only to sbuscribers but also to evaluators.

For the team it has always been a natural thing to give support also to evaluators. If people take the time and effort to try our products, we should to our best to assist them. From the surprised and grateful reactions we get, we have understood that it is not always so.

Extensive documentation
The products are abundantly documented. This is essential for giving evaluators and users a good understanding on how our product works and for helping them to get the most out of it.

However, when you are new to an application and its documentation it might be difficult to find exactly the kind of info you need in FAQ, manual or video demonstrations. In those cases you are very welcome to contact the support! We can help you find the info or solve your issue.

Support e-mail
Our support e-mail is, and we can often answer within hours. We use HelpDesk OSP to convert the e-mails to tickets in SharePoint, so using e-mail has the advantage that your case can easily be discussed and commented by the whole team.

Online chat
The online chat is popular and gives you immediate contact with a technician. (Or with me if you select the Sales department.) It is also used when a remote session is needed to solve the problem. We get transcripts of all chats, and they can be shared among team members if needed.

Praise for the support
The Support has been highly praised. As one evaluator expressed it: "You have the answers I need when I need them and deliver them professionally and with a smile that comes across in your chat! :)" We will always do our best to live up to these words.

Peter Kalmstrom
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

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