19 November 2010

Peter Goes To India

Tomorrow morning the CEO Peter will fly to India to meet our employees and our partner there. Peter tries to make this journey at least once a year, and it is always a very rewarding trip. This time the visit will be extra enjoyable, since the Lead Developer Jayant Rimza will marry, and Peter will attend the wedding. The image here above shows a part of the invitation card we all received, with Jayant's and Sushma's names in Hindi and the date for the wedding.

Having the team spread over the world has of course its disadvantages, but there are many benefits. We come from different cultures, and that means we see some things differently also when it comes to product development and marketing. Since we are all open to discussion, we often find better solutions together than I think we would have achieved if we all came from Sweden and had the same references.

Another great advantage is of course that we learn more about each other's countries and customs, something Peter will experience with good measure at the wedding. Peter or I will certainly come back and tell you more about it!

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