08 November 2010 Community One Year Old Community. We earlier felt that we spent too much time nagging about support purchases and hunting for new customers. Instead we wanted to take better care of the customers we already had, and we achieved that by offering subscriptions to our products. Add-ons need to be updated often to support and take advantage of new technologies, and as support and upgrades are always free for Community Members this is a very safe way of purchasing software.

After this first year we see that the transfer to a subscription system was just the right thing to do. Even if a few have not realized the benefits, a majority of old customers and evaluators has welcomed the service a Community Membership gives them.  We now have a satisfactory number of customers paying their fees, which means that we can plan company and product development with a much better security than before.

Organizations all over the world has shown their confidence in by joining the Community. Today 52 % of the Members are from European countries, 31% are from USA and 17 % come from the rest of the world. The part from outside Europe and USA has been increasing from only 8 % in May, probably because our products now give full Unicode support.

A bit more than half of our Members, 57 %, are well known customers who have transferred to the Community during the past year. The rest of the Members are new to us. To give good service we make an effort to learn more about the users of our products and their environments than we did before the Community time. I will not argue that we are all like a big, happy family, but it certainly feels nice that we are a Community!