28 November 2010 CEO Happy With Outcome Of India Trip CEO Peter with developers Jayant and Abhishek

Today I have a guest blogger. My son and the CEO, Peter, writes about his visit to India and how he felt coming back to a snowy Sweden: CEO Peter came home to a wintery Sweden after his visit to IndiaIt was quite a contrast coming home to Norrköping, Sweden, where there is a big snowstorm now! Just a few days ago I was in Indore, India, with temperatures well above 25 degrees centigrade. I definitely have to dress differently!

There were several reasons for making such a long trip. First of all I needed to meet with our developers, Jayant and Abhishek, see the image above. We discussed the current status of our products and shared a lot of exciting ideas and plans for the future. Also I was delighted to be invited to Jayant’s wedding. It was my first time at a Hindu wedding, and I was quite thrilled about it! Finally we are planning to expand the team by hiring at least two more people, so I had a long list of people to meet and interview.

The result of the journey was well above expectations. Not only was I treated extremely well at the wedding (see pictures on Facebook), but I also met some good people we now are in the process of hiring. An additional bonus was getting to know Jayant’s family, some really nice and interesting people. I can’t wait to come visiting again!

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