08 September 2010

Update of TimeCard for Office 2010 Users

TimeCard for Outlook - time reporting from inside the Outlook Calendar for single users and workgroups
Today has released a minor update of TimeCard, both the Workgroup and the Single versions. Minor, but still important if you use Office 2010. An evaluator reported a problem that had slipped through our testing: the metadata values in the dropdowns did not refresh if you first selected a marked appointment and then a blank appointment. We do our outmost to test all scenarios before we release a new version of a product, but it is virtually impossible to test all contexts. Therefore we are very grateful for bug reports, and we fix the problem as soon as possible.

If you evaluate a product and get problems, please contact us instead of giving up! In many cases the answer is in the documentation, but it might be difficult to take in all information in the beginning. And sometimes you have found a bug, and your report will not only help you but also other users.

We recommend Members who use Office 2010 to upgrade their installations. The rest of you should not have this problem, so there is no need for an upgrade this time.