21 September 2010

Merge Support Tickets with HelpDesk OSP

HelpDesk OSP for Outlook and SharePoint/Office Live, an incident management product from Business Solutions

If you have many support tickets, you might want to merge some of them into one ticket with more content. This is now possible with HelpDesk OSP.

kalmstrom. com is today happy to announce the release of an updated HelpDesk OSP with a new feature, “Merge Tickets”. This feature is very convenient if you wish to create tickets with content from several ones, for example by merging all tickets from a certain client into one "Parent ticket".

In the Configuration dialog, which opens from Outlook, we have added a button to open the Merge Tickets dialog. Here you may select what tickets and fields should be merged, what to do with the "Child Tickets" and if attachments should be included. Please read more in the updated manual.

We will continue developing this feature with a filter possibility and an option to have the Merge Tickets button directly in the Outlook toolbar, but those enhancements will come in a later release. Members, welcome to upgrade you installations and try the new Merge feature! I am sure you - like us - will send a grateful thought to the sponsor SuniTAFE, Australia, who helped us realize this improvement of HelpDesk OSP.