13 September 2010

Development of Public Folder HelpDesk

Public Folder HelpDesk for Outlook from Business Solutions may also be installed in a shared mailbox
Today came another minor update of one of our products. This time our incident management application PF HelpDesk had some bugs fixed. The bugs did not affect all users, so if PF HelpDesk works well for you there is no need to upgrade this time. Please refer to the PF HelpDesk Revisions page for more info.

This time we have not added a new feature or enhancement, but we have published our development plans on the website so that Community Members may follow them. As version 11 of PF HelpDesk is stable and well functioning we have no big changes in mind at the moment, but we have a list of improvements that will make PF HelpDesk even easier to work with for the users. Welcome to contact us with your own suggestions!