24 August 2010

New NameDays For Many Different Calendars

NameDays from Business Solutions gives you name days in your calendar
Yesterday took a first step to broaden the portfolio and not only offer add-ons for Microsoft products. For many years our free NameDays application has been an excellent way of marketing our brand. NameDays adds name days to the Outlook calendar, and since it has been very popular it has drawn a lot of traffic to our website.

Now we have released a new version of NameDays, a NameDays that is actually not an application at all. By adding the name days to ICS files, we can let users either import or subscribe to NameDays, and
the files may be used for more platforms than the Outlook calendar. Do you use iPhone, MacOSX and iCal, or the Google Calendar and an Android device? The new NameDays will work just fine! As the files for the different countries ‒ currently 15 ‒ are downloaded from our website separately, it is very easy for us to update them and to add name days from more countries to the list.

Welcome to use NameDays you also! On our website there are video demonstrations on how to import or subscribe to NameDays. The iPhone demo is still missing, but it will soon be finished. NameDays is a new and modern product that takes advantage of new technologies, so it works best on fairly new platforms and applications. For Outlook that means versions 2007 and 2010, but if you have Outlook 2003 you may still import the name days to your default calendar.

Surprise and delight friends and colleagues by always remembering their name days. And if you have international contacts, like so many of us have nowadays, you can use one calendar for each country!