27 August 2010

HelpDesk OSP for Outlook and SharePoint - a Product for the Future

HelpDesk OSP for Outlook and SharePoint - issue tracking and user support with Outlook and SharePoint
HelpDesk OSP is the youngest product from Business Solutions, created only two years ago. Since then a lot has happened to the product, and it has become the most popular among new customers. This feels very encouraging, and we will of course continue to improve HelpDesk OSP just like we do with all products.

Since the team is a geographically distributed group we use HelpDesk OSP ourselves for our support management, and even if it works well as it is we of course get ideas for enhancements and new features. We also get suggestions from users, and we are grateful for any input.

Yesterday we released a minor update of HelpDesk OSP, and today we have published a new Ideas page on the website. We will make such pages for all products, but this is the first. Welcome to have a look! And if you use HelpDesk OSP, or wish to start using it, please give us your comments.