19 June 2010

Feel Safe with Digitally Signed Products from Tallstugans Forlag

Software from Business Solutions is digitally signed by VeriSign

When you download software from the internet and install them, you of course want to feel sure that they are clean and have not been tampered with by a third party. To ensure this most serious software houses digitally sign their products. So does also Tallstugan with all the Business Solutions software.

Around this weekend we are updating all our software with a new digital signature, since the old one will soon expire. If no other change is made to the product I will not blog about it, as I normally do for all new releases.

The VeriSign® Code Signing creates a digital "shrink wrap" for code and content which protects both the product and you when you download. The Tallstugan signatures on the software authenticate the source and verify the integrity of the content.

The Microsoft OS normally gives a warning if an .exe or .dll file is not signed, but to ensure that a file is signed you can also right click on it and select Properties. Always feel safe with the software!