15 June 2010

Office 2010 Released Worldwide - Compatible Products from

The products work with Office 2010Today Office 2010 is released for all, and we congratulate Microsoft to yet another step forward. There are many interesting things to tell about the new Office version, but I guess you rather want to hear what I have to say about the compatibility of our products.

The current situation is that all our products except Calendar Browser works with Office 2010. The Outlook buttons are not in their usual places, though, but under the last tab on top, Add-ins. We will of course optimize all our products for Office 2010 as soon as possible, but as all the others work we have to start with Calendar Browser.

If you use Calendar Browser, my advice to you is to wait with the upgrade to Office 2010 until we have published a new version of our resource management tool. If you use, PF HelpDesk, TimeCard, HelpDesk OSP, KBase or OLAP Reporting Tool, you may very well start using Office 2010 right away. The button issue is not a show stopper.