22 June 2010

New Feature in TimeCard Single - Default Metadata from E-mails

TimeCard from Business Solutions Makes TimeSheets from Outlook Calendar Appointments
Today we thank Accounting on Computers Inc. for the sponsorship of a new feature in TimeCard Single: the possibility to get a default TimeCard value for an e-mail address or domain. This feature is very useful if you often get e-mail information about work from the same person or company. You can then drag the e-mail to the calendar or the To-Do list and make an appointment of it - with the TimeCard metadata already filled out.

A new checkbox is added in Personal Settings, and when it is enabled a new tab is shown after the TimeCard property tab(s): Map E-mails for Default Metadata. The metadata selected under this tab will be filled out automatically in appointments created by dragging an e-mail to the calendar or To-Do bar.

The TimeCard application is even clever enough to know what e-mail address is interesting. It will look for the "To" address if you drag the e-mail from the Sent folder. Otherwise it will look for the "From" address.

The new mapping possibility will of course soon be added to the Workgroup version of TimeCard also, but this time the Single users will have the first shot. All users with Single Support are welcome to