23 March 2010

Public Folder HelpDesk V11 with better ticket form

With PF HelpDesk you cooperate on user support inside Outlook

This month the team has tried to prioritize work with the new version of our issue tracking application Public Folder HelpDesk. The most important improvement in version 11 ‒ and a big one! ‒ is that the ticket form is changed. Because of some bugs in the Outlook forms we have chosen to not use them in most of our solutions, but for PF HelpDesk we earlier judged the benefits greater than the disadvantages. However now our skillful developers have found a way to keep the benefits and get rid of the problems!

The new form has two parts, an upper part built in HTML and a lower built in Visual Basic 6. The HTML part contains the fields that are most interesting for users to customize, and since we use well known HTML code here it will be easier than before to adapt the ticket to the needs of the organization. Another advantage with the new ticket form is that it loads faster than the old one.

Even if the ticket form will be easier to customize we want to give you a good default ticket. Right now we discuss the layout within the team. Many suggestions have been sent back and forth, but now I know that it will be something like in the image above, even if details might change before release. Our QA engineer, Dina Romanova, has started testing version 11, and we all hope that she does not find too many bugs, so that we soon can publish the new version of PF HelpDesk. We know many are waiting for it out there!