24 February 2010

Time Reporting Tool for the Outlook Calendar Updated

Time reporting directly from the Outlook CalendarThe Workgroup version of TimeCard has had a facelift with both new features and some enhancements and bug fixes. Most of them have been made after we were contacted by Community Members or Support Customers, who had a request they needed our help with. And our skilled developers found solutions for them, as they nearly always do.

Of course we cannot add just anything to our standard product because a customer needs it, but if it is a good feature that might benefit more users, we will do our best to find a way to develop it. If big changes are needed, we usually ask for a sponsorship, but in this case we could make it on our own.

Two customers asked for a possibility to export also the appointments body to Excel, so now this is possible if you check a new box in Personal Settings. It is unchecked by default. We will soon update TimeCard Single with this feature also.

A Premium customer wanted the users to have all metadata and not select the ones they work with in Personal Settings. This gives very long lists, and since the ribbon in Outlook 2007 does not support more than 1000 items in a drop down we had to make another solution, which was developed in cooperation with this customer.

For a full list of the changes, refer to the TimeCard revisions page. We are grateful to the users who have  suggested ways to improve TimeCard!