24 February 2010

Issue tracking tool HelpDesk OSP made even more user friendly

Co-operate on issue tracking and user support with Outlook and SharePoint/Office LiveThe issue tracking application for Outlook and SharePoint, HelpDesk OSP has been updated today. Our developers have removed a few causes for irritation among some users. We have received much praise for this application, but with the update I hope all users will feel even more happy with HelpDesk OSP.

One of the earlier issues was that users could not have list column names with an apostrophe. Now it is possible to use names as ”Caller's email” without getting any errors.

Another problem was that HelpDesk OSP prompted for enter login and password even if the path to the SharePoint site was misspelled or wrong in another way. Now HelpDesk OSP feels that the site does not exists and gives the user another chance instead.

Have you not tried HelpDesk OSP yet? Welcome to download and try it! HelpDesk OSP is especially useful if you have a dispersed group, connected only by the Internet. Then SharePoint gives you a great platform for cooperation.