12 January 2010

Use Any Character When You Report Time and Expenses With TimeCard

Report time and expenses from inside the Outlook CalendarI am happy to announce that the developers now have added full Unicode support also for TimeCard, our application for reporting time and expenses from inside the Outlook calendar. The update of the workgroup version was released today, and we will soon publish a new single version also. At the same time they fixed some non critical bugs ‒ see the revisions page ‒ that our QA engineer found, or that were reported to us from customers. As usual we are grateful for all reports about issues with our products. They work in such complex environments that it is virtually impossible to test them all.

Community Members and Support Customers are welcome to upgrade their server installation. Once it is upgraded, the clients will be upgraded automatically if they are connected to the server. Have you not tried TimeCardyet? Please do. Reporting time and expenses directly from the Outlook Calendar is easy for the users, and the drop down selection of data minimizes the risk for errors. The integrated statistics application, OLAP Reporting Tool, is of course also updated for full support of Unicode.