01 January 2010

A Prosperous 2010 to All Readers

Ice yacht on Swedish lake. Photo: Tore Larsson
The first day of 2010 is here, and Sweden still has very cold weather with as much snow as in the Christmas image below.

The image for this post was taken another cold year, in the spring, when you could use ice yachts on the Swedish lakes. I chose it as a symbol of the light and fun that I hope this new year will bring to all of you.

Sigge and I will return to Spain tomorrow and change snow for rain - but hopefully also some sunshine. During our stay in Sweden we have of course had meetings with Peter to discuss, beside the family gatherings. I have already told you about the Facebook page, one of the ideas that was born in these talks. More will follow ...

We look forward to the coming year and the challenges it will surely bring. I am now testing the Beta version of Office 2010, like the developers have done for quite a while, and making our products compatible is of course one of our most important tasks.

In the plans for the first quarter of this new year is the release of PF HelpDesk 11. It will have part of the ticket html-based, for easier customizations and to avoid the problems with Outlook forms. We also look forward to welcoming many new Community Members. During 2010 we will hopefully get at confirmation that the new Community and subscription system is such a good idea for both customers and company that we believe it is.  

The team and I wish all blog readers a prosperous 2010. We also want to say a warm thank you for the past year to our Community Members and Support Customers. We cannot make your year for you, but if we can make your work smoother, so that you get more time for the really important things in life, we feel happy about that!