18 December 2009

E-mail Images in SharePoint List Items with HelpDesk OSP

Co-operate on issue tracking and user support with Outlook and SharePoint/Office LiveHelpDesk OSP, the add-in that connects Outlook to SharePoint or Office Live, has become an increasingly popular tool for for issue tracking and user support.

Now our developers have found a way to embed images in the list objects. This means that if the e-mail has any embedded or inline images, they will appear at exactly the same place when the e-mail has been converted to a ticket.
It looks very nice. Enlarge the image and see for yourself!

HelpDesk OSP has integrated the statistics tool OLAP Reporting Tool, and updated HelpDesk OSP has of course the new version of OLAP Reporting Tool which supports Unicode. Welcome to try HelpDesk OSP! All Community Members are very welcome to upgrade their installations and get an even better product without any extra cost.