22 December 2009

Calendar Browser: Speed Is Not Everything - But Important Enough!

Book resources inside the Outlook calendar as easy as you make an appointment - with Calendar BrowserThe team is happy to announce that version 6.1 of Calendar Browser was released today. Calendar Browser is a tool for booking and handling the resources within an organization. Booking resources and supplies is as easy as making an appointment in the Outlook calendar, and there are also smooth ways to describe the resources and to follow up their usage.

In version 6.1 our developers worked much with the speed, to make Calendar Browser quicker to work with. They have tried to make both the Book supplies application and the Overview load quicker, and our QA engineer has clocked the time on different systems to confirm that they have really succeeded. The Book supplies window is not only loaded quicker, but when it is filled out it is also saved and closed faster than before.

The new Calendar Browser of course has the latest, Unicode supporting OLAP Reporting Tool, that I have written about in earlier blogs. In Calendar Browser the Overview is used for studying future resource bookings, and OLAP Reporting Tool gives statistics on earlier usage of resources. For a list of the improvements in Calendar Browser V6.1, refer to the Calendar Browser revisions page.

I recommend all current users to upgrade, to get a quicker application. As the registration process in version 6.1 is a bit changed, (to accommodate users where the clients have different time zone settings) you have to register again when you have upgraded your installation.

Have you not tried Calendar Browser yet? Welcome to evaluate the application for 30 days without any obligations! If you are a Community Member you may add it to the other products you already use without extra cost. And if you are not a Member yet ‒ we are waiting for you!