16 November 2009

Peter Kalmstrom at SharePoint and Exchange Forum 2009 in Stockholm

For the sixth consecutive year Scandinavia's biggest conference about SharePoint and Exchange is held in Stockholm today and tomorrow. As Microsoft Sweden is one of the organizers, Exchange 2010 will also be officially released in Sweden at SharePoint and Exchange Forum 2009.
A number of seminars are held, both very advanced ones for "nerds" like developers and other IT Pros and more accessible seminars for business management. The aim of the conference is to give practical tips on how to solve common needs and challenges.

The Forum has an impressive group of internationally well known speakers, and Peter, our CEO and creator of our products, is of course among them. When I write this he has just had his workshop on how to become more efficient with smart tools for Outlook. Many were interested in listening to Peter's seminar and to learn how Outlook add-ins in combination with SharePoint and Exchange can make work run smoother. He demonstrated the applications Calendar Browser, HelpDesk OSP, Public Folder HelpDesk and TimeCard, and he also showed the Skype toolbars he has created.

Furthermore Peter discussed advantages and disadvantages of using both newer .NET-techniques and the older COM add-in techniques and showed how has build software using both. At this forum it was of course also very suitable to describe our simple but powerful method to connect SharePoint and OWA, which we have used in the latest version of HelpDesk OSP and which all Exchange administrators can use. Peter would not say so much himself, but I am sure his contribution to this conference will be remembered and appreciated by many.