30 November 2009

More Exposure for the Documentation

When I updated the manuals and slideshows for Community I have also added a new way to present this documentation on the website. The quality is not as good as if you download the documents, but my hope is that more visitors will actually download and read them when they first can see how they look.

After only a few days I can see that this assumption is correct. The statistics for the HelpDesk OSP slideshow, which I uploaded first, seven days ago, show that most of the visitors to the HelpDesk OSP homepage also watched the slideshow presented there.

We spend much time trying to make our documentation as good as possible, and most customers and evaluators use it, but now and then we get questions showing that the caller has not studied any of the documentation. Of course it is impossible to explain better with a few words in an e-mail or a chat than we can do in documents with images where we really have thought about how to be pedagogic.

I am a teacher and author of school books, so I am responsible for the documentation. But the rest of the team also help out, and I could not do much without the technicians. Customers and evaluators are other important "proofreaders". We often change or add text, especially in the manuals and on the web site, because user questions or suggestions make us understand how the descriptions can be improved. Therefore you are always welcome to contact us with any comments!