12 October 2009

A Way to Conquer the World

Unicode is a standard that allows computers to represent text expressed in most of the world's writing systems in a consistent way. As this standard is used in the Microsoft products we build on, it is possible for to make products that can be used all over the world and by users with different kinds of alphabets. It might be difficult for us to test on languages where we cannot understand the characters, but if a user points out problems we can quickly do something about them thanks to the Unicode standard.

With TimeCard users report time and expenses in the Outlook CalendarThis was the case when a TimeCard customer with users all over the world told us about problems with TimeCard in Greek, ελληνικά, and Hebrew, עברית. As this was a Premium Trusted Support Customer they were entitled to extra rapid support, and we could give them an update on the second day. But even for a regular Support Customer this fix should not take long, so please tell us if you have problems in some languages. Now the new version is published for all.

As a not very technical person interested in languages, I think this Unicode standard is fantastic. And as Sales manager, I am of course thrilled over the possibility to spread the products over the world!

Kate Kalmstrom

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