12 October 2009

PF HelpDesk update on customer requests

Calendar Browser for Outlook - for efficient resource managementThe team has been busy these last days, and several updates have been released. The most important one is the PF HelpDesk update, which gives users some good enhancements that customers have asked for and that we have decided to add.

Our sponsor Standard & Poor's has invested in a new feature for ticket history in the ticket body or subfolders: an alert to the responsible staff when a new e-mail is added. Earlier there was no way to determine that the ticket or subfolder had been updated, except to open it. Now an e-mail can be sent automatically to the Responsible. In Outlook 2007 a follow up flag is also shown on the ticket. A new template for the notifcation is added under the Templates tab in the PF HelpDesk settings.

This alert feature becomes even more powerful as it is combined with a request from another customer: that the Open Ticket button should work also on e-mails to the Responsible. The Responsible just have to select the notification e-mail and click the Open Ticket button ‒ and the correct ticket is shown.

Several other small but useful additions make PF HelpDesk an even more interesting application for issue tracking inside Outlook. For a full list, refer to the Revisions page. Support customers have the right to upgrade for free, and remember that we listen extra carefully to our support customers. Sometimes we have to ask for sponsorships for the development, but even if you cannot afford that your suggestions are always welcome.

Our helpdesk product for SharePoint/Office Live has also been updated this week, and so has SP Attach, the application that changes Outlook's standard behavior for attached files. These are only smaller updates to fix bugs that have been reported to us. Thanks for pointing them out and giving us a chance to make our products better!

Kate Kalmstrom

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