13 October 2009

New QA in the team

The team is happy to welcome a new QA Engineer, Dina Romanova from Russia. In September our earlier QA, Saurabh Verma, moved to a lead QA position at Mindtree, and we took the opportunity to bring this talented woman into the group and thus also expanding our language coverage.

After taking a bachelor's degree at Novosibirsk State University, which is considered one of the best universities in Russia, Dina has worked with testing a couple of years and earned good experience. She has also continued her studies at Institute of Informatics Systems, Programming chair, and in June she will defend her master's degree. Dina's hobby is figure skating. Her parents in law live in the USA, and she likes to visit them.

Dina is going through our products one by one, and she has already given us valued input on TimeCard, HelpDesk OSP and Calendar Browser. You will all benefit from it eventually, as the improved products are released. Dina will soon start helping us with support and online chat. Her English is excellent, but you may of course also write to her in Russian. We wish Saurabh all the best and feel confident that this change will be good for all parties.

Kate Kalmstrom
Sales, Business Solutions

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