12 October 2009

More Alternatives for Product Manuals

The manuals for the products are very much used and necessary for a deeper understanding of how the software works. So far we have supplied them only as Word files, and the reason for that was that we wanted customers to have a possibility of easily changing the text and adapt it for their needs.

However, several customers has asked for a .pfd version, so now we offer that alternative too. Now, when you click a Manual link, you will be directed to the product's manual page. There you can either download the manual in the format you prefer or open it and read it online.

When a new feature is added to a product, the manual is updated at the same time as the new version is released. The manuals are also updated at other times, for example when a support question makes us understand that something needs to be explained further. Therefore, we recommend support customers to always upgrade their manuals when they upgrade the product.

We try to update the slideshows as often as the manuals. For the demonstrations it is more difficult since a remake takes longer time than an update of written text and screen shots. So even if the demonstrations are very good complements, for the most extensive documentation, use the manual!

Kate Kalmstrom
Sales, Business Solutions

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