26 February 2015

SharePoint Managed Metadata - Import Term Set

SharePoint logoIn a new SharePoint tutorial in the Tips section I describe how to import a list of metadata to SharePoint using a free third party macro-enabled Excel template.

Information about information
Metadata is often described as information about information. The SharePoint Search will give more exact and accurate data if everyone add metadata to items when they create them, but for this to work well there must be a specified list of metadata to choose from.

Managed metadata
Such centrally pre-defined metadata is called managed metadata. This collection of centrally managed terms that should be used as metadata is managed by a Term Store administrator, who organizes them into a hierarchical term set.

Import to Term Store
In the Tips article I show how to import metadata to the term store. This is done with the help of a macro-enabled Excel template, created by another Swedish SharePoint expert, Wictor Wilén. He created it for SharePoint and Excel 2010, but it works just as well with the 2013 versions, both on-premise and SharePoint Online. Thank you, Wictor!

The demo below is rather summary, but in the Tips article about import of metadata I give links to more detailed information.

Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

24 February 2015

New Forces In The Support

Today is a special day, as my father, Sigge, celebrates his seventieth birthday. Sigge has been working with since 2007, but now he is leaving some of his tasks to younger forces.
Sigge Kalmstrom photo
Support anchor
When Sigge joined the team was small, but even at that time questions had to be answered and problems had to be solved. I think nearly all our customers and evaluators have had contact with Sigge, who also was responsible for the support during the first years.

Sigge made sure all e-mails were answered quickly and all problems were solved in a timely manner, and his work has been much appreciated. Jitendra Patidar image

However, Sigge is not a software developer, and eventually we could let one of the developers, Jitu Patidar, take over Sigge's responsibility. Sigge continued to answer e-mails, but not as many as before.

Strong support = strong products
Today we have two more developers in the support team: Arpeet Gujarathi and Ankit Raghuvanshi. To engage developers directly in the technical support is highly beneficial to the product development.
Arpeet Gujarathi image             Ankit Raghuvanshi image
When developers get to know first-hand about a problem or request, directly from the caller, there are no delays and the developers get a better understanding of how the Solutions are used. For the same reason the QA team is also following the support contacts closely, even if they are not communicating with customers.

German and Swedish
Sigge will continue to answer e-mails in German and Swedish. He will also answer urgent support e-mails in evenings and weekends, when our developers are off. He can always contact either Jitu or Lead Developer Jayant Rimza at such occasions, so that we can give service also out of office hours.

I am happy to be able to work together with my parents and take advantage of their experiences, and I am sure Sigge will be in the background for many years more. Thank you for all your good work so far, Daddy!

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions

19 February 2015

SharePoint Study Manager Overview

Study Manager for SharePoint logotype The development of Study Manager, our SharePoint Solution for online training, will soon be finished. Study Manager is a sponsored Solution, requested by teachers who want to add self-correcting exercises and tasks to SharePoint and supervise their students' work with them.

Take advantage of SharePoint
Many companies and organizations use SharePoint for cooperation and sharing, so SharePoint was the obvious platform when I was asked to develop a learning management system. Using SharePoint as the base means that Study Manager will be easier to understand and learn.

SharePoint iconAnother advantage is that inbuilt SharePoint features like forum apps, news feeds and document libraries can be used to customize and enhance the Study Manager site collection. In the manual we describe how such customizations can be made, and there is much more information in the SharePoint Tips articles on

Even if we have made use of as much standard SharePoint functionality as possible, the development of Study Manager has been a large-scale undertaking. I am glad that the developers and testers are so skilled and know SharePoint so well that we could take on this development commission.
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Study Manager documentation
The documentation of Study Manager has also been an extensive task, as everything had to be created from scratch. My mother Kate and Rituka Rimza have done the major parts, and now the manual is almost finished and the slideshow is displayed here below.

Several video demonstrations are also nearly completed, and the web pages are coming together nicely. Soon everything will be ready for the Study Manager release.

If you want to know more about Study Manager before the QA team gives thumbs up, take a look at the slideshow and read about Study Manager in my earlier blog posts:

By Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer Business Solutions